Is It Worth Going to a Temp Agency?

Is It Worth Going to a Temp Agency? Trust  Aactive Personnel ! 

Many individuals question whether or not it’s worth hiring a temp agency, and the answer is yes! The  process of applying for a job has become very time-consuming, and there are so many steps candidates  must take. From writing the perfect resume to creating an account and answering a ton of questions to  set up a profile, you will spend hours applying for a job which is both time-consuming and also  discouraging.  

When you go to a temp agency, however, you may be able to apply for a job and start working within a  week, and this alone makes going through a temp agency worth it. If you need a job quickly, a temp  agency is the way to go. 

Why go to a Temp Agency? 

Temp agencies can help businesses find short or long-term temporary workers and can work with a  variety of organizations. They can also help employees find great roles.  

When deciding whether or not to go to a temp agency, consider your goals. If you need a paycheck fast  and want to find placement quickly, you will benefit from a temp agency and can choose to continue  your job hunt openly. Additionally, temporary positions can be a great way to test out a company or  industry. You will get your foot in the door and will get a feel of the job to see if you are interested. If  you are, you can develop new skills in that position which you can add to your resume, and you can also  use this position as an opportunity to network and meet new people.  

Temp Agency Benefits for Businesses: 

  1. Less time and money spent searching for employees.
  2. Access to a larger pool of candidates.
  3. Opportunity to fill staffing needs fast.

Temp Agency Benefits for Employees: 

  1. Access to a variety of different jobs in different fields and industries.
  2. One application process for multiple jobs.
  3. A better-streamlined hiring process.
  4. The possibility for “temp to hire.”

Many temp jobs are referred to as “temp to hire,” which means the temporary position can become a  permanent one. The employer will control this aspect, and if they are pleased with the temp employee,  they can present them with a permanent or full-time position. Hard work and dedication will increase 

the chances of this possibility, and an employee can secure a permanent position if they are right for the  job. 


Is your business in need of new hires? Would you like to cut down on the time and money spent on  hiring? Do you want access to a large pool of qualified candidates? If you answered yes to any of these  questions, going to a temp agency is worth it. Employees looking for a number of jobs in different  industries will also benefit from temp agencies, and you can contact Aactive Personnel for more  information! 

We serve clients in the Calgary and Winnipeg areas, and you can depend on our team for light industrial temp jobs. Our agency will take care of your hiring process, and employees can turn to our services to  find the best part time, full time, flexible or gig job. Contact us today to learn more about our services.