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Is It Worth Going to a Temp Agency?

Is It Worth Going to a Temp Agency? Trust  Aactive Personnel ! 

Many individuals question whether or not it’s worth hiring a temp agency, and the answer is yes! The  process of applying for a job has become very time-consuming, and there are so many steps candidates  must take. From writing the perfect resume to creating an account and answering a ton of questions to  set up a profile, you will spend hours applying for a job which is both time-consuming and also  discouraging.  

When you go to a temp agency, however, you may be able to apply for a job and start working within a  week, and this alone makes going through a temp agency worth it. If you need a job quickly, a temp  agency is the way to go. 

Why go to a Temp Agency? 

Temp agencies can help businesses find short or long-term temporary workers and can work with a  variety of organizations. They can also help employees find great roles.  

When deciding whether or not to go to a temp agency, consider your goals. If you need a paycheck fast  and want to find placement quickly, you will benefit from a temp agency and can choose to continue  your job hunt openly. Additionally, temporary positions can be a great way to test out a company or  industry. You will get your foot in the door and will get a feel of the job to see if you are interested. If  you are, you can develop new skills in that position which you can add to your resume, and you can also  use this position as an opportunity to network and meet new people.  

Temp Agency Benefits for Businesses: 

  1. Less time and money spent searching for employees.
  2. Access to a larger pool of candidates.
  3. Opportunity to fill staffing needs fast.

Temp Agency Benefits for Employees: 

  1. Access to a variety of different jobs in different fields and industries.
  2. One application process for multiple jobs.
  3. A better-streamlined hiring process.
  4. The possibility for “temp to hire.”

Many temp jobs are referred to as “temp to hire,” which means the temporary position can become a  permanent one. The employer will control this aspect, and if they are pleased with the temp employee,  they can present them with a permanent or full-time position. Hard work and dedication will increase 

the chances of this possibility, and an employee can secure a permanent position if they are right for the  job. 


Is your business in need of new hires? Would you like to cut down on the time and money spent on  hiring? Do you want access to a large pool of qualified candidates? If you answered yes to any of these  questions, going to a temp agency is worth it. Employees looking for a number of jobs in different  industries will also benefit from temp agencies, and you can contact Aactive Personnel for more  information! 

We serve clients in the Calgary and Winnipeg areas, and you can depend on our team for light industrial temp jobs. Our agency will take care of your hiring process, and employees can turn to our services to  find the best part time, full time, flexible or gig job. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

How Do Temp Agencies in Winnipeg Recruit?

How Do Temp Agencies in Winnipeg Recruit?

A temp agency in Winnipeg can save your company both time and money by recruiting the best candidates for any job. They will review applications on your behalf and will interview candidates, which means you won’t have to spend time completing these tasks and will be able to dedicate your time to other areas of your business

Curious About How Temp Agencies Recruit?

A temp agency will help match qualified candidates with companies that have job openings, and you will not have to put in the energy or effort because they can hire for different types of jobs, including temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire. Agencies get a lot of positive referrals from current employees that introduce friends and family to the flexible work environment. In fact, many make temping their career of choice in these busy times, enhancing the quality and consistency of candidates for clients! Finding qualified talent is not easy, and smaller companies, in particular, will find this process to be especially challenging. Many companies are struggling to find employees who possess the necessary skills, but a temp agency in Calgary or Winnipeg will help your company find qualified candidates.

What Is The Process Like?

  1. Contact The Staffing Agency
    You will first have to contact the staffing agency to specify job responsibilities, timeline and hourly wage or salary.
  2. Job Description Is Created By The Agency
    The temp agency will write a job description based on the information you provide and will advertise it for your business. They may reach out to a potential candidate individually if there is someone who is a great fit for the job.
  3. Staffing Agency Reviews Candidates
    Once candidates start applying for the open position, the staffing agency will review their experience and qualifications and will then schedule and conduct interviews. They will select the most qualified people and will introduce them to the hiring manager at your company.
  4. You Will Make The Final Decision
    The business owner or hiring manager will interview the temp agency’s pick if they want to and will make the final hiring decision. This will save you hours of time you would otherwise have to spend sorting through all the different applicants.
  5. The Temp Agency Will Handle The Paperwork
    Most temp agencies will take care of the paperwork associated with new hires. This can include contracts, taxes and payroll tasks

Advantages Of Using A Temp Agency In Winnipeg

  • Fast Hiring
    The hiring process is long and hard, but hiring a temp agency in Calgary or Winnipeg will make the process faster and easier. Reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and sorting through all of the applications that are submitted is very time-consuming, especially while still conducting your day-to-day operations. A temp agency will screen candidates and present you with individuals who are perfect for the role.
  • Reduced Workload
    The main function of a staffing agency is to focus on the hiring process. Hiring a temp agency means you don’t have to ask a member of your team to take on hiring responsibilities which will prevent them from concentrating on their role and their tasks. Your employees won’t have to dedicate their work time to interviewing different candidates and reading through resumes, and their day-to-day routine will not be disturbed. Hiring a temp agency means productivity will not be reduced.


Want to find talent quickly and efficiently? It’s time to hire a temp agency in Winnipeg or Calgary, and Aactive Personnel can help you find the best candidates.

Our services will offer your business many benefits, and you can contact us anytime to learn more about our process!

Outsource your most challenging positions to a professional staffing agency

Outsource your most challenging positions to
a professional staffing agency

Relative to a few decades prior, today’s hiring process is more complicated. The main reason for this is all the changes. Presently, higher unemployment levels, fierce competition for work or a lack of skilled workers may make the hiring process challenging for many businesses.

The business world went through a tremendous transformation over the last few decades especially because of advancements in technology. For a firm to succeed, there is an enhanced need to locate people familiar with the contemporary business environment and technology. Your business can gain by outsourcing the hardest-to-fill roles with the highest turnover to reputable staffing agencies.

Reasons To Hire Recruitment Agencies To Hire Talent

There are several advantages to using a recruitment agency: among the considerations for hiring such a company are:

Saves Company Resources & Time

Professional staffing firms are specialists at finding individuals and placing them in demanding jobs. The best-qualified individuals for your available positions can be found and attracted thanks to their resources and experience. Lowering the need for internal recruiting efforts and raising the likelihood of hiring the best candidate can save your business time and money

Increase Employee Retention

Specialized understanding of sectors and job roles is frequently present in professional staffing firms. They can offer you insightful advice on successfully hiring and keeping workers in demanding positions. This might assist you in developing a staffing strategy that is more successful and increase employee retention.

Offer Personalized Service & Support

Qualified recruiting agencies can offer you a higher calibre of service. They often employ devoted recruiters and account managers that may provide you with specialized support and service. This helps ensure that your staffing needs are addressed promptly and competently and can help you develop a good working relationship with your staffing agency.

Avoiding Expenses

You can cut labour costs by working with qualified staffing firms. You can save money by outsourcing your hardest-to-fill roles to a staffing firm and avoiding the expenses of finding, employing, and training new hires. You can also save money by avoiding the costs incurred due to excessive turnover in demanding positions, such as decreased productivity and higher recruitment fees.

Flexible Staffing Options

You can get a flexible staffing option from reputable staffing companies. They can offer you temporary, temp-to-perm, and contract-to-hire temp workers. This enables you to manage your employees following your requirements and helps lessen turnover under challenging jobs. Additionally, you can scale up or reduce your personnel requirements without paying the costs of employing and firing full-time workers.

In concluding note, You may increase staff retention and decrease turnover by outsourcing these demanding tasks, which will help your business’s bottom line and market competitiveness. If you are also looking for a professional employment agency to help your firm, reach out to Aactive Personnel and outsource your company tasks to the light industrial specialists in Alberta and Manitoba Canada.

Let’s talk about outsourcing solutions for your business in Calgary and Winnipeg and beyond today!

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Join Our Team & Get Paid FAST with Aactive!

Join Our Team & Get Paid FAST with Aactive!

Many of us are tired of the weekly or monthly payroll systems and want more flexibility in getting paid. Aactive Personnel offers a better solution by letting you get paid daily and weekly for your job. This owner-operated staffing source connects organizations and job seekers across Canada. And after you are done with your work, it ensures that you get paid that same day!

Aactive Personnel is a company in business for almost 50 years that aims to offer flexibility and immediate payment for services provided. By working with us, you can start working on a job today and get paid the same day, allowing you more control over your schedule and income.

Aactive Personnel is a corporation that matches workers with organizations or customers who require specific skills. Aactive functions as a temporary staffing company, giving job seekers a place to look for and apply for positions that meet their schedules and skill sets.

How Aactive Personnel Works?

Aactive Personnel is a company that connects workers with businesses or individuals who need particular services. Aactive operates as a temporary staffing agency, providing a platform for job seekers to find and apply for jobs that fit their skills and schedule.

The process of how Aactive Personnel works is as follows:

  1. Job seekers create a profile on Aactive Personnel website, including their skills, qualifications, and availability.
  2. Businesses or individuals needing a worker post job listings with local Aactive Personnel offices for Aactive to fil.
  3. Job seekers can search and apply for available jobs that match their skills and schedule.
  1. Aactive’s recruitment team reviews the job seeker’s profile and qualifications to ensure they are a good fit.
  2. Once matched, the worker starts working on the job, and Aactive Personnel guarantees the payment for the job done on the same day.

Aactive Personnel Finds You A Job

Aactive Personnel could be a company that connects people looking for work with businesses or individuals who need specific services. Aactive Personnel will get you to work. We have assisted thousands of labourers and light industrial workers in finding employment.

Aactive Personnel work by providing an opportunity for job seekers to find and apply for jobs that fit their skills and schedule. Once a job is accepted, the worker can start working on it immediately and get paid the same day for the work completed. This eliminates the need to wait weeks for payment, a common issue for many workers.

Ensures Security

Aactive Personnel also has a system to ensure the security and quality of the service provided where required. This could include background checks, reviews, and certifications for workers, as well as a process for dispute resolution.

Overall, Aactive Personnel is a company that offers a flexible and immediate payment solution for people who are looking for work, and it could be an excellent option for those who want more control over their schedule and income. A perfect solution for our busy times.

So apply and start your new job today and get a chance to work with world-leading organizations on a schedule that works for you!

Contact us at:

Alberta workers

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Manitoba workers

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It costs less to outsource! Here is why you should consider this staffing solution.

It costs less to outsource! Here is why you should consider this staffing solution.

A more affordable alternative to hiring full-time employees, outsourcing enables businesses to have access to specialized knowledge and skills. Companies should think about outsourcing as a staffing solution for several reasons. Letting staffing agencies find business employees can improve business efficiency and offer many other benefits. Following are a few benefits of entrusting recruitment agencies to outsource your company work.

Reasons To Consider Staffing Solutions

The following are the main reasons you should count on the best employment agencies to save business costs by outsourcing most business tasks.

Reduced Labour Cost

In the beginning, outsourcing can lower labour costs. Companies can save money by offloading some duties to a third-party vendor, avoiding the costs of hiring, onboarding, and keeping full-time staff. Costs like salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses may be included in this. Additionally, outsourcing enables businesses to avoid the costs like recruiting fees and advertising related to finding and hiring new employees.

Increase Company’s Efficiency

Second, outsourcing can boost production and efficiency. Companies can obtain specific skills and knowledge they might not have in-house by outsourcing particular operations or functions to a third-party vendor.

The vendor’s ability to accomplish the work or function more rapidly and effectively than the company’s staff might enhance efficiency and productivity. Additionally, outsourcing enables businesses to concentrate on their core skills, which can boost production and efficiency.

Aid In Enhancing Businesses Services

Outsourcing may give you access to cutting-edge tools and technologies. To remain competitive in their industry, many outsourcing businesses make significant investments in new hardware and software, which enables them to provide their clients with access to state-

of-the-art tools and resources. This might aid businesses in enhancing their goods and services while boosting productivity and cutting costs.

Offer Companies Scalability

The other benefit of outsourcing is flexibility. Staffing firms can offer temporary, temp-to- perm, and contract-to-hire temp workers. This enables businesses to manage their employees according to their requirements, increasing efficiency and lowering expenses. In addition, companies are free from the costs related to hiring and firing full-time employees to scale up or down their personnel requirements as necessary.

Increases Company Productivity

Five, outsourcing can assist businesses in concentrating on their core capabilities. Businesses might free up their staff to focus on their core skills by outsourcing specific duties or operations to a third-party vendor. Increased productivity, better goods and services, and greater competition may result from this.

In conclusion, outsourcing is a practical staffing solution that may save labour costs, boost productivity and efficiency, provide businesses access to new tools and technology, give them flexibility, and let them concentrate on their core capabilities.

Companies can get specialized talents and experience at a fraction of the expense of hiring full-time staff by outsourcing specific operations or functions. It can also assist businesses in managing employees, following their needs, and cutting expenditures. As a result, outsourcing is a fantastic choice for companies trying to increase their profitability and market competitiveness. In that regard, they can count on the best light industrial Temp agency, Aactive Personnel, to hire talent for them across various cities in Canada.

Contact us today for service in Alberta and Manitoba and beyond


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Why Established Staffing Agencies like Aactive Personnel are a Great Solution in Tough Economic Times

Why Established Staffing Agencies like Aactive Personnel are a Great Solution in Tough Economic Times

While hiring employees directly can be expensive, working with an established staffing agency can help you cut costs while increasing employee satisfaction. In addition to saving money, using an agency can also improve efficiency and reduce timelines. Here are a few reasons why working with a staffing agency is beneficial in these tough economic times.

Employee Satisfaction

In recent years, job satisfaction has been a key issue for established staffing agencies. Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement can help boost productivity, employee engagement, and retention rates. Numerous factors can affect employee satisfaction, which can be addressed in a variety of ways.

Employees stay with an organization because of the job, monetary incentives, family responsibilities, and environmental influences. Employees with bachelor’s degrees are more motivated to stay than those with less education. Those with lower educational levels are often tied to their job by benefits, family responsibilities, personal friendships, and the difficult task of finding a job elsewhere. Other factors affecting employee satisfaction include economic and personal ties with co-workers.

On average, it costs employers $4,129 and 42 days to fill an open position.

Society of Human Resource Management

While job satisfaction is essential for all organizations, a low score on a survey can indicate low levels of employee satisfaction. This can lead to increased costs, as dissatisfied employees may require specialized learning or additional career assistance. By proactively addressing employee satisfaction, businesses can prevent costly surprises from arising. Fortunately, more organizations are investing in initiatives that improve employee satisfaction. Staffing agencies will have a network of motivated, qualified candidates ready to fill the gaps and contribute to your organization’s success.

Hire Temp, Temp-to-Perm, FT, or on a Contract

Temp-to-perm staffing services allow companies to try out new employees on a trial basis before making a full-time commitment. These services eliminate the countless unqualified resumes that fill a traditional job board. These agencies also offer a lower-cost alternative to a full-time employee.

The staffing industry is experiencing a resurgence in recent years. The rise of temporary employment reflects the shifting economy.

While temp workers are not legally employees, they are entitled to the same benefits and protections as full-time employees. Furthermore, agencies can provide workers’ compensation coverage. A temp-to-perm staffing agency will interview applicants, freeing your management time to concentrate on other areas of the business. A good temp agency will also contact you whenever suitable candidates are available to fill positional gaps. The agency will also handle benefits and various reporting requirements.

A temp agency will usually charge a fee for its services. The cost depends on the type of position. A temp agency may charge less for unskilled jobs than for technical ones. It will also depend on the cost of living in your area and whether the temp agency offers any discounts. A good temp agency will be upfront about the fees and wages it charges.

Reduce Timelines & Improved Efficiency

As the hiring industry becomes more competitive, staffing agencies are finding ways to increase efficiency for businesses to fill gaps quickly and find qualified workers. New technology is an effective way to improve efficiency and minimize waste. Improving candidate experience is also a key component of staffing agencies’ success. This is because a high-quality candidate experience leads to better-quality hires.

A good staffing agency can help fill workforce gaps by quickly and efficiently finding the right talent for the job. With the current job market, the hiring process has become much more lengthy and complex than in past decades. On average, it costs employers $4,129 and 42 days to fill an open position. Using a staffing agency can expedite the process and mitigate risks associated with hiring a new employee with little or no knowledge about the company culture.

Improved Candidate Experience

The challenge for staffing agencies today is the increased competition in the market. To remain competitive, they must spend more money without wasting it and find ways to improve the candidate experience. New technology is one such way to do so. With good candidate experience, staffing agencies can attract better-quality candidates for their openings.

The recent pandemic has increased the difficulty for employers in finding qualified candidates. Economic upheaval and cultural shifts have made hiring more challenging. The ability of employers to adapt to the new job market is critical to the success of their key industries. As the job market continues to evolve, finding the best talent for the right job will become more critical than ever.

Logistics Staffing Agencies in Alberta and Manitoba are here to help!

In addition to understanding your organization’s business, a good staffing agency will know the best type of workers to fit the job. A representative from an agency should know your company’s policies and the job description to get a better sense of the type of candidate you need.

For almost 50 years, Aactive Personnel has provided businesses across Canada and the U.S. with the talent they need in the Alberta and Manitoba areas, when they need it. We service the logistics industry, and other light industries and are here to help support workers and businesses.

We specialize in temporary, temp-to-hire, contract, or permanent staffing solutions in light industries. 

Let our team handle the difficulties of finding new staffing or supplementing your workforce today!

What sets Aactive Personnel apart from other agencies?

When you are looking for the right staffing agency to assist you with your needs, there are many out there to choose from. It can be pretty difficult to know which one is best for your needs with so many options. Before you can understand which temp agency is the best for your company, you should have a clear idea of what you will be expecting from them and their needs. You will always start your search with your business needs at the front of your mind.

What sets us apart from other agencies?

These are the characteristics that set us apart from other staffing agencies:

We understand your timeline, and we respect your urgency to fill your roles.

Usually, when you need to fill in roles or need temp staff, conditions need to be done quickly and efficiently. We make sure that we are equipped with ample workers ready and waiting to be hired by you.

We work in many niche-specific staffing networks.

When you are in a specific niche or industry, you will want to work with an agent in the same niche, so you know that you will be provided with high-quality workers who are fully trained in the industry and can bring experience to your specific field.

We are always transparent in our offerings and commitments

There are many different logistics involved in human resources, staffing, payroll, etc. As an agency, we focus on being clear and open with what we can provide you with, and we make sure that we rise to your expectations. We sit with you and go over contracts, fees and expectations before we begin our work.

We have a proven ROI

We have proven methods in place that demonstrate and authenticate your return on investment. This always includes consistent communication and reports about all aspects of your temp staff.

We have been providing employers with high-quality staff solutions for almost 50 years. We can provide your company with highly experienced and professionally trained workers for various industries and companies. Working with the right agency will ensure that your hiring strategy is as efficient as possible, and your future employees will also provide you with a greater return on investment.

We use our robust network and our ability to give you personalized guidance. We can provide you with the best workforce solutions. Call on Aactive today to get you working today!

Can Staffing Agencies be trusted?

One question that is typically sparked around employment agencies is whether or not they are trustworthy organizations. Agencies can usually carry out stigmas of low wages, mistreatment and poor quality jobs. However, an employment agency is like any other typical employer. You will apply like usual, interview, and if things go well, you will be provided with an offer letter.

One big difference between applying with employers or an agency is that you will not be responding to just one job offer when you apply with an agency. You will simultaneously be applying to hundreds all at once.

Agencies are third-party HR departments that work for different clientele looking to fill many different positions. They are held at the same, if not a higher, standard of obligation to obey the employment standards.

So, you can trust employment agencies after all.

But how come they have a stigma, and where does it come from?

Many different factors have contributed to this stigma around agencies. These include:

  • Employees who end up not enjoying the work
  • Employees not being fond of the people that they end up working with
  • Employees do not have a purpose in their work, or they just feel like another body.

This doesn’t just include the job description, but it also includes culture, environment, location and much more. So, if the person is not placed in the right job, it won’t be a good match, and it won’t be enjoyable no matter what. However, many agencies realize this, and they work hard to match culture because they learn what each candidate is looking for and their unique needs.

Job agencies think about what will make both their client and employees happy and look forward to their jobs. How can you tell if an agency is reliable and trustworthy?

You should first research any company that you are interacting with to see what type of presence they have online. Take a look at their reviews because this will tell you a lot about their values and how they act in their everyday work. You can also bring up any questions or concerns you have during the interview process and be sure that you voice your opinions and make sure they are clear on what your expectations are.

 Trusting an agency is not hard, but finding the right agency for your needs is a big step. Aactive Personnel is the right agency with almost 50 years of earned trust in the industry, contact us today!

Engage a Staffing Agency to Find Temp and Permanent Staff Quickly

Employees can call in sick, quit without notice or go on emergency leave, and this can leave you short-staffed, which can negatively impact your business. Whether you’re facing these types of challenges, experience a sudden fluctuation in demand, or having a special project coming up, you may need temp or permanent staff to quickly join your team. A staffing agency can help in this regard.

The reality is that unexpected situations can always arise and if you’re scrambling to find and hire new workers, contacting a staffing agency is the best way to proceed. They will help eliminate your stress, and the following are just some of the reasons why your organization should engage a staffing agency:

You Won’t Have to Deal with the Hiring Process on Your own

Hiring in-house is a time-consuming process, and when you need employees right away, your HR team may not have enough time to go through the typical process you are used to. You may not have a few weeks to spare and probably need someone right away, and a staffing agency can provide you with immediate help. If you can’t afford to spend weeks on this aspect and face time constraints, engage a staffing agency because they will take care of every step and connect you with the right employees. This will prevent you from hiring the wrong people, and you will not have to rush through the process.

There are so Many Benefits You Would Experience

Staffing agencies have databases that are filled with qualified candidates who are pre-screened and pre-approved. These agencies work non-stop to find the best talent in a variety of fields and industries, so you will find the perfect employee for your needs. They take the time to seek suitable prospects and build trusting relationships, even if there are no current openings for their skills. They spend years working on a candidate database, so if you need temp or permanent staff quickly, they will be able to offer you a long list of candidates.

Lower Costs

Staffing agencies do all of the work for you when it comes to finding employees, so your company would have lower training costs, hiring costs and turnover costs as a result. They will do all of the legwork for you, and you will have access to their expertise and experience, and your business will be more successful because you will have the time to focus on other aspects of your company. You will have peace of mind knowing you will get quality workers quickly and trust a reputable staffing agency with this task.

If you want to work with one of the best recruitment agencies, Aactive Personnel can help. Our temp agency specializes in temporary jobs, and we serve clients in the Winnipeg, Greater Manitoba, Calgary, and other Alberta markets. If you are interested in more information, contact us today!

The Gig Economy: 5 Reasons Why Students Should Register with a Temp Agency

Most students will have to consider taking on a part-time or temporary job, and this is a great idea because there are a number of benefits involved. Having a job during the school year will provide you with several advantages, and the following are just some of the reasons why students should register with a temp agency:

It Will Alleviate Some Of Your Financial Stress

Let’s face the facts; post-secondary education can be very expensive, and this can cause you to experience financial stress. Taking on a part-time or temporary job, however, can ease some of this financial stress, so it’s the perfect solution while you’re in school. School is stressful enough with all the tests, assignments and exams, so you don’t want to be stressing over money in addition to these worries and registering with a staffing agency will eliminate a big chunk of your stress.

It Will Provide You With Experience You Can Put On Your Resume

Registering with a staffing agency will help you gain valuable work experience, which you can then add to your resume. Whether you are looking for employment in an office, warehouse or the industrial sector a temp agency can help, and this opportunity will allow you to gain skills, which will look great on your resume.

You Can Find Job Opportunities That Are Convenient

Your school schedule will have to be prioritized, and a staffing agency can help you find positions that fit your schedule. Whether you want a part-time job, night shifts or weekend shifts, they can help because there are so many opportunities that are available. The temp agency will listen to your needs and will connect you with the perfect job based on this information.

You Will Have Flexibility

Some temporary jobs are one day positions while others are long-term assignments, and you will get to choose which temporary job opportunity you would like to pursue. In addition to choosing the type of job you want, you will also get to choose a time that works for you so that it fits into your school schedule.

The Agency Will Find You The Job

You will not have to stress over searching for a job online or applying in person because the temp agency will take care of these steps for you. They will work on your behalf and will find you a job that is convenient so that you can handle school and work. They will make sure the job fits your needs and will connect you with all of the right opportunities. The only thing you would have to do is sign up, and this part is very easy.

If you are looking for a reputable temp agency that has been helping people find flexible work for almost 50 years, Aactive Personnel can help. We will find you the right job and will present you with great opportunities that suit your schedule. We proudly serve clients and job seekers in the Winnipeg, Calgary, Greater Saskatchewan and Manitoba areas, so contact us today!

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