Top 5 Reasons To Hire Temporary On Demand Staff

With an ever-increasing need for flexibility, temporary or on demand staffing is quickly becoming the go-to for a growing number of workplaces, especially in these times. More people are connected to the global network than ever before, and with accessible, faster connection speeds comes the advent of increased outreach. Finding an eager pool of candidates has never been easier, making temporary staffing a much more manageable and sustainable process.

We at Aactive Personnel make it our job to find you staff quickly and effectively, so you can get back to the jobs you need done with the right labour in your pocket. Here are six reasons why we believe temporary staff could work for you.

1. Maintaining high morale is important to you

Yes, turnover happens. Sometimes it can be an inevitable and necessary part of the workplace. With the potential for high rates of turnover, core workers might begin to feel concerned about job security if it occurs frequently enough, especially if they end up having to pick up the slack as a result. Temporary contractors can help to alleviate some of this stress and the need for overtime, letting your dedicated workers stay rested and fresh and keeping morale high.

2. You are looking to hire quality long-term employees

It might feel counterintuitive, but temporary staffing has been a proven method to find quality long-term employees. Sometimes it can be difficult to gain a sense for who your new hires are in a short amount of time, and constantly going through the full process of onboarding new employees can waste large amounts of time and money. This method allows you to test your new hires in your workplace, and see if they are a good match for your business. If you have to hire 10 employees to find one long term employee, think of how temporary staffing agencies like Aactive can make that easier for you. Its like test driving a car, where you have the option to keep it if you like how it performs.

3. The number of people you need is constantly changing

A large number of companies operate comfortably on a 9-5 schedule on weekdays all year round, but there is also a good number who do not fit that model. If you are a business that depends on seasonal weather, or a certain amount of tourist activity, you will have fluctuating needs for your business. Right size your business with us!

4. Lots of short-term projects may require specialized temporary work, often in large numbers

Consistently hiring staff and laying them off when their expertise is not temporarily needed doesn’t make sense as a model. Many companies in this situation have a list of contractors with specializations who can be hired on for a project to get it done quickly and effectively. By hiring temporary workers for projects as needed, you can save yourself a lot of time and paperwork.

5. New projects may require people power with different skill sets

Sometimes it can be very difficult to gauge what set of skills you need from your employees from month to month, or year to year. Temporary employees allow you to adapt on-the-fly to the ever-changing needs of new projects without having the pressures of going through a formal hiring process.

Do these sound interesting to you? Aactive Personnel can help you find the talents you need, connecting employees and employers across Calgary, Winnipeg, and beyond through our affiliated brands. Register your business today or your resume today!