Temporary Agencies are the best choice for your Event!

Staffing is always a challenge, especially when it comes to events. When things get back to normal, events will be back in high demand and so too will be the demand to staff them. Events might include a traditional staff holiday party at the end of the year, or a client appreciation event to give back to your valued patrons, a festival, marketing on the streets and more. Specialty-trained staff is required to ensure the event runs smoothly, sometimes requiring skill sets that your company is not set up to train. Having a dedicated hospitality department may not make sense for a business with infrequent events, and it can just be a hassle to go through the process of finding qualified candidates using typical traditional hiring methods.

Staffing agencies like Aactive Personnel are specifically designed to match the right skill sets with the proper expectations to employers in need. They take much of the added pressure away from finding the right temporary candidates for the job by providing a pool of qualified candidates from which you can choose. These workers have already been trained in their respective fields, not only in terms of their job expertise, but in all the health and safety requirements associated with the position. This means you can hit the ground running without the need for potentially lengthy and costly training programs.

In a candidate profile, they can list their expectations for length of employment, anywhere from a single event to an opportunity for longer-term employment. If single events are your focus, this does much of the pre-screening for you, and saves you a large amount of time by avoiding going through a lengthy staffing process. Of course, this isn’t limited just to expected length of employment, there are a large number of filters you can choose from to narrow down your list of candidates to find those who are the right fit for you.

Time is money in the business world, and being able to cut costs on staffing processes can also keep your event budget on track. Using temporary staff not only allows you to save on the process and training, but may also save you on salary expectations, as you wouldn’t be hiring someone who may be coming on for a potential “special favour” who might want more for the trouble of being hired for a single-event service. Staffing agencies allow for few surprises, minimal negotiations, and expectations laid out from the get-go on both sides of the offer table.

Since we have established how temporary staff can make any event easy, you can now be much more flexible when planning your events. This method can shave off several months in the planning phase, which might allow for more spontaneous pop-up events that could allow you to address a relevant topic that appears in the news.

For any of your future staff requirements,  Aactive Personnel can help you find the talents you need for all of your events. We connect employees and employers across Alberta and Manitoba, and many more cities through our affiliate brands. Register your business today, and see how temporary staffing can help you!