How Do Temp Agencies in Winnipeg Recruit?

How Do Temp Agencies in Winnipeg Recruit?

A temp agency in Winnipeg can save your company both time and money by recruiting the best candidates for any job. They will review applications on your behalf and will interview candidates, which means you won’t have to spend time completing these tasks and will be able to dedicate your time to other areas of your business

Curious About How Temp Agencies Recruit?

A temp agency will help match qualified candidates with companies that have job openings, and you will not have to put in the energy or effort because they can hire for different types of jobs, including temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire. Agencies get a lot of positive referrals from current employees that introduce friends and family to the flexible work environment. In fact, many make temping their career of choice in these busy times, enhancing the quality and consistency of candidates for clients! Finding qualified talent is not easy, and smaller companies, in particular, will find this process to be especially challenging. Many companies are struggling to find employees who possess the necessary skills, but a temp agency in Calgary or Winnipeg will help your company find qualified candidates.

What Is The Process Like?

  1. Contact The Staffing Agency
    You will first have to contact the staffing agency to specify job responsibilities, timeline and hourly wage or salary.
  2. Job Description Is Created By The Agency
    The temp agency will write a job description based on the information you provide and will advertise it for your business. They may reach out to a potential candidate individually if there is someone who is a great fit for the job.
  3. Staffing Agency Reviews Candidates
    Once candidates start applying for the open position, the staffing agency will review their experience and qualifications and will then schedule and conduct interviews. They will select the most qualified people and will introduce them to the hiring manager at your company.
  4. You Will Make The Final Decision
    The business owner or hiring manager will interview the temp agency’s pick if they want to and will make the final hiring decision. This will save you hours of time you would otherwise have to spend sorting through all the different applicants.
  5. The Temp Agency Will Handle The Paperwork
    Most temp agencies will take care of the paperwork associated with new hires. This can include contracts, taxes and payroll tasks

Advantages Of Using A Temp Agency In Winnipeg

  • Fast Hiring
    The hiring process is long and hard, but hiring a temp agency in Calgary or Winnipeg will make the process faster and easier. Reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and sorting through all of the applications that are submitted is very time-consuming, especially while still conducting your day-to-day operations. A temp agency will screen candidates and present you with individuals who are perfect for the role.
  • Reduced Workload
    The main function of a staffing agency is to focus on the hiring process. Hiring a temp agency means you don’t have to ask a member of your team to take on hiring responsibilities which will prevent them from concentrating on their role and their tasks. Your employees won’t have to dedicate their work time to interviewing different candidates and reading through resumes, and their day-to-day routine will not be disturbed. Hiring a temp agency means productivity will not be reduced.


Want to find talent quickly and efficiently? It’s time to hire a temp agency in Winnipeg or Calgary, and Aactive Personnel can help you find the best candidates.

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