Permatemps – Ultimate Staffing Solution

Sometimes, organizations have to hire temporary employees for extended periods of time. This is usually done for the duration of a special project, and for a single staffing client. The temp employees are now known as permatemps!

The use of contingent talent is becoming more popular but the complexities of managing a contingent workforce are increasing as well. However, permatemps can significantly reduce your HR workload and ensure that your organization gets to retain the already trained and skilled workforce a little while longer, without having to deal with the complications that come with a permanent workforce.

A permatemp workforce can positively influence your bottom line by providing you with a practiced labor force that knows how to get the job done while also justifying your overall cost per hire. Hire them a season at a time, and adjust to the cyclical temperament of the economy and the business, making the best use of everything your permatemps have to offer.

At Aactive, we give our clients the ability to hire the same employees every time they need temporary help. This way, we provide you with a creative solution that successfully accommodates your changing workforce needs without having to compromise on the skillfulness or capability of the temporary staff. You get more time to concentrate on your core business activities while also gaining all the benefits that a flexible temporary workforce can bring.

So every time your business experiences ad-hoc or contingency needs for labour, you can call on your favorite permatemps by name, without being subjected to long-term commitment with us as your preferred recruiters.

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