Do You Know Your Market Value When Job Searching?

Do You Know Your Market Value When Job Searching?

Job searches are about more than finding a job because the focus is to find the job that’s right for you. This means going after positions that fit your skills and background and finding a reputable organization for whom you would want to work. Additionally, the job search process is also about money because you need to know what you are going to get paid. To determine this aspect, you need to understand your particular skill set so that you can demand fair pay. This means you have to be aware of your market value when searching for jobs so that you can find your ideal position.

Placing a dollar amount on your abilities is not an easy task because there are several aspects you have to take into account, and the following guide can help you figure out a reasonable number that you can use as a baseline:

Take A Look At Your Hard Skills

These are the core competencies that are required to fulfill a job’s day-to-day tasks. A welder, for example, would have to know how to weld, whereas an accountant would need training in accounting. These are central skills required for any job, and these are the abilities that are easiest to attach a dollar value to. Take a look around to see what other people in the same field earn because this will give you a benchmark.

Take A Look At Your Soft Skills, Too

These are harder to value and are things like leadership and communication, just to name a few examples. While it’s difficult to place a meaningful dollar value on soft skills, they can enhance your salary, and you can use these to seek a figure that is more than what the hard skills would justify. If you feel that your soft skills are valuable and that you have substantial experience with these abilities, go higher on the scale.

Understand Your Strengths

Every worker has a different mix of skills, and you have to know your most marketable qualities so that you can focus on the right positions. You can seek opportunities that rely on your unique set of skills as this would put you in a better position, and you will be more likely to get a job offer. Additionally, you would also be able to get the most value from this type of situation.

Improve Your Negotiating Skills

The skills you possess will have a certain market-determined dollar value, but your actual earnings will come down to what you are willing to accept, so get better at negotiating as this will help.

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