Can Staffing Agencies be trusted?

One question that is typically sparked around employment agencies is whether or not they are trustworthy organizations. Agencies can usually carry out stigmas of low wages, mistreatment and poor quality jobs. However, an employment agency is like any other typical employer. You will apply like usual, interview, and if things go well, you will be provided with an offer letter.

One big difference between applying with employers or an agency is that you will not be responding to just one job offer when you apply with an agency. You will simultaneously be applying to hundreds all at once.

Agencies are third-party HR departments that work for different clientele looking to fill many different positions. They are held at the same, if not a higher, standard of obligation to obey the employment standards.

So, you can trust employment agencies after all.

But how come they have a stigma, and where does it come from?

Many different factors have contributed to this stigma around agencies. These include:

  • Employees who end up not enjoying the work
  • Employees not being fond of the people that they end up working with
  • Employees do not have a purpose in their work, or they just feel like another body.

This doesn’t just include the job description, but it also includes culture, environment, location and much more. So, if the person is not placed in the right job, it won’t be a good match, and it won’t be enjoyable no matter what. However, many agencies realize this, and they work hard to match culture because they learn what each candidate is looking for and their unique needs.

Job agencies think about what will make both their client and employees happy and look forward to their jobs. How can you tell if an agency is reliable and trustworthy?

You should first research any company that you are interacting with to see what type of presence they have online. Take a look at their reviews because this will tell you a lot about their values and how they act in their everyday work. You can also bring up any questions or concerns you have during the interview process and be sure that you voice your opinions and make sure they are clear on what your expectations are.

 Trusting an agency is not hard, but finding the right agency for your needs is a big step. Aactive Personnel is the right agency with almost 50 years of earned trust in the industry, contact us today!